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A Weekly Collection of the Best Fanfiction on the Net

The Readers Have Chosen - A Weekly Fanfic Listing
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The Readers Have Chosen: A weekly listing of the best fanfiction on the net—chosen by you.
Welcome to The Readers Have Chosen - A weekly listing of the best fanfiction on the net—chosen by you.

This community is designed as a bulletin board for the Readers Have Chosen site & forum. Please join if you would like updates on content and the general goings-on of the site.

If you are unfamiliar with RHC, please take a moment to read our mission statement. :)

What is The Readers Have Chosen?

R.H.C. is a weekly listing of the best fanfiction on the net—chosen by you.

Why did we do it? We have made it our mission to discover and give recognition to the fabulous authors of the fanfiction community that we love, though they sometimes go unnoticed. R.H.C. is the spawn of years of frustration and internet research, striving to keep abreast of the best fanfiction on the net, but just not having the time to spend wading through the river of available content. It is our hope that you find this weekly archive useful and easy to navigate while also supplying you with your weekly fix of fanfiction!

How does this work? Each week, we will create a polling list based on the combined suggestions from various members on the forum. From there, members (you must be registered at the forum to vote) can vote for their favorite piece of fanfiction. The top ten will be posted on the Weekly Recommendation page on the site. The runner-ups will be added to each weekly poll until the end of the month, to allow anyone who was unable to vote the previous week to choose their favorite piece. The start of each month will wipe the slate clean and any previous recommendations must be made again to be added to the poll. Chosen fanfiction pieces will be archived on the Weekly Recommendation page and will not be eligible for further recommendations.

How involved do I have to be? You can be a forum junkie or just stick around to read and vote. Ultimately, R.H.C. would function best if everyone stayed involved, but we understand that random acts of nature, fandom, and desire to be chronically anonymous (we understand!) can keep you from participating fully. If all you do is drop by to read the Weekly Recommendations, we still feel that we have done our part.

Okay, now what? Visit our Forum to vote for your favorite fanfiction or check out this week’s Weekly Recommendations. And most of all, enjoy!

Questions? Post in the comments section of the Questions thread or go directly to our forum!